Moringa Honey 450g

//Moringa Honey 450g

Moringa Honey 450g

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Our Moringa honey SERIOUSLY & COMPREHENSIVELY SURPASSES any genuine ‘Manuka’ or ‘Jelly bush’ types of honey in Bio-activity, Nutrient Range & amounts available. Moringa enriches the medicinal (anti-bacterial) qualities of quality RAW honey, but adds FORMIDABLE AMOUNTS

BEATS MANUKA/JELLYBUSH COMPREHENSIVELY. This PREMIUM Moringa nutrient saturated honey is a ‘novel food’ made to order & comes with no recommended use. Comes in a glass jar. Specks of Moringa is normal. Warm Bottle to thaw occasional crystallization

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Quality raw honey contains many desirable elements.

Now imagine our raw rainforest honey being infused with the very high amounts of micro-nutrients of Australian grown but rare, Moringa Flowers !

Less than 1 percent of each harvest are flowers. These pretty white flowers exists until they are germinated by bees to become Moringa seeds. The pollen end up as honey in beehives (some near our trees), but to ensure exceedingly high levels of Moringa in our honey, we marry these honeys with our very rare Moringa Flowers – nectar, pollen and all.

These are infused together over extended periods of time. They mature together within a certain temperature range, in glass vats, not heated, in a darkened environment, with specially designed agitating diffusers.

Both our Premium & Ultra Premium range of Moringa honey are PHYTO-NUTRIENT SATURATED, HYPER BIO-ACTIVE & NUTRITIONALLY DENSER; having been properly matured from 2 to more than 3 to 6 months respectively.

Far North Queensland has a wonderful array of rainforest and tropical flowers for our precious bees. Our beekeepers have been tending beehives for about 7 & 30 years in the area arround Cairns & our farming based Tablelands. It’s with this quality, raw, beneficial, rainforest honey that our Moringa is partnered with.

Our Moringa honey  SERIOUSLY & COMPREHENSIVELY SURPASSES  any genuine ‘Manuka’ or ‘Jellybush’ types of honey in  Bio-activity, Nutrient Range, & Nutrient Amounts  available.  Moringa ENRICHES the medicinal qualities of quality honey, but adds FORMIDABLE AMOUNTS more.