Moringa Dried Leaves – Tea size 100g

//Moringa Dried Leaves – Tea size 100g

Moringa Dried Leaves – Tea size 100g

$ 44.00

ULTRA FRESH UNMIXED PURE Australian Grown, Processed, Refrigerated, Tea/Blending Sized Moringa Leaves with no fillers, silicates, preservatives or anything else whatsoever are in our Moringa Tea/Blending. Ultra fresh and ultra potent. Never import irradiated or fumigated.

Moringa Controlled-Dried Leaves – Tea size  (Made to order only)

Moringa is classed as a ‘Novel Food’. Therefore we are unable to label it as human food supplements. When you order from our website, you are requesting we process our harvested Moringa trees in the format that you specified. How fresh is that!

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Weight 100 g